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How to Get There

Flying from Santiago to Punta Arenas

The only two airlines that fly from Chile’s capital "Santiago" to the nearest airport closest to Torres del Paine, located in Punta Arenas, are Lan and Sky. The price for one ticket can range between 89.000 pesos (180 US$) to 260.000 pesos (500 US$).

To make sure you get the flight and at a price you want, we recommend making your reservation at least one month in advance with us.


From Argentina

Buenos Aires to Rio Gallegos is a four hour flight on Aerolíneas Argentinas. Once in Río Gallegos a six hour bus ride can take you to Punta Arenas were you will meet your Guide from Las Torres the day your program begins.

If you want to visit the Argentian city of Calafate and the Perito Moreno glacier before or after your Las Torres tour program, we can arrange your transportation with well-known companies that will accommodate your needs. There are a variety of services available from private transfers to buses so dont worry.

Spend a Night in Punta Arenas

If you want to spend a night in Punta Arenas, we recommend the José Nogueira Hotel. This is the place where you will be treated to good quality services in cozy and elegant surroundings. If not, other distinguished hotels in the city are Isla Rey Jorge and Finis Terrae.
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How to Get There  

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